Rebel Song: Faces of Irish Music Exhibition 

A major exhibition of photographs by Hastings based international music photographer and film maker Andrew Catlin includes never before seen images of the icons of Irish music.

Throughout his career as a photographer Andrew Catlin has had a long standing working relationship with Shane MacGowan, Bono, The Undertones, Sinéad O'Connor and other artists. Art historian Olga Mamonova was thrilled to be able to bring this collection of photographs into the unique Constructivist space of Baker Mamonova Gallery at Kino-Teatr and to curate this large scale art exhibition. The exhibition is accompanied by Andrew Catlin's new hardcover publication 'Rebel Song'.

Rebel Song: Faces of Irish Music is opening on June 16th. It reflects the evolution and character of some of the most important Irish music groups and solo artists/songwriters of the second half of the 20th century - The Fureys, The Pogues, The Dubliners,  who transformed traditional rebel music into a sound and soul of a nation's resistance and identity, creating a new form of rock, pop and punk. U2, Sinéad O'Connor, Bob Geldof and The Pogues, while often taking a stand on matters of global politics, never severed their deep connection to their Irish roots.

Andrew Catlin's works (some held at the National Portrait Gallery), include many taken very early on in the careers of these artists, often while at their creative peak. Some images are roaring with atmosphere of live performance and  others are quiet and detached, stealing a deeply personal, intimate moment of isolation and intense self reflection. Almost thirty works exhibited at the gallery explore the tradition, power and modernity of Irish music, Irish images and the Irish creative and intellectual history.  




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