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Help us to save Kino-Teatr for you

Dear Friends of Kino-Teatr,


We hope you are staying safe and finding the best way possible for your families and businesses to navigate the current challenging times.


Ever since we opened Kino-Teatr five years ago we have enjoyed your immense support and enthusiastic response to our efforts to make an exciting, creative, inclusive environment at the heart of the St. Leonards' community. Being an unfunded venue, it was crucial for us to maintain an important connection with you when programming our versatile events - bringing to your doorstep National Theatre Live, new film releases and independent local film makers, Coffee Concerts, live musicals and theatre productions, Documentary and Irish Film Festivals, art exhibitions & live gigs by outstanding musicians.


To reflect the creative achievements of our wonderful town, we worked together with the talented local creative community. Kino-Teatr had inspirational feedback from its invited guests such as Sir David Hare, actors Paul McGann, Bill Nighy, Julian Sands and Brian Gleeson, directors David Caffrey and Mike Figgis, singers Liane Carroll and Sarah Jane Morris, to name a few. The growing sense of community and seeing how our audience enjoyed and appreciated our programme has been the single most rewarding experience throughout our 24/7 engagement at Kino-Teatr.


Unfortunately our work and our employees are now under serious threat due to the withdrawal of our scheduled events and the necessary policy of social distancing. To make sure Kino-Teatr will survive and re-open for you to enjoy, we are asking for your help! Your support in donating could make a vital difference to keep the cultural heart of St Leonards beating.


Having lived in St. Leonards for 25 years I am grateful for its people, its creativity and resilient spirit. We are working very hard to keep St.Leonards’ historical venue in everyone’s lives.


Thank you for your help and friendship!



Olga Mamonova

Artistic Director

Irish Film Week: Rocky Road to Dublin CANCELLED

Wednesday 25th March at 7.30pm

A controversial documentary film from 1967 by Irish-born journalist Peter Lennon -  then a junior feature writer for The Guardian in Paris - and French cinematographer Raoul Coutard, examining the contemporary state of the Republic of Ireland posing the question, "what do you do with your revolution once you've got it?" It argues that Ireland was dominated by cultural isolationism, Gaelic and clerical traditionalism at the time of its making.


Although shot in colour, it was printed in black-and-white, partly because Lennon thought that monochrome was more in keeping with the tone of the film.


The film could not be officially banned, since it contained no sex, but the Irish government did prevent it from being screened in cinemas. After a single press screening in Dublin in 1967 – which provoked a hostile reaction from newspapers and RTÉ – Lennon entered it for that year's Cork Film Festival, but it was rejected on the grounds that it had already been shown in the capital. It was only when the film was chosen to represent Ireland at the 1968 Cannes Film Festival that the Cork organisers were embarrassed into changing their decision at the next festival – held in September 1968. The de facto ban in Ireland remained in place for more than thirty years until the film was restored in 2004 by the Irish Film Board and Loopline Films.


 'A sensational movie anatomy of Ireland' - The Guardian


Irish Film Week: In America CANCELLED

Thursday 26th March at 7.30pm

A road drama directed by six times Academy Award nominee Jim Sheridan. The semi-autobiographical film focuses on an immigrant Irish actor’s family who struggle to start a new life in New York. The film was nominated for three Academy Awards including Best Original Screenplay, Best Actress for Samantha Morton and Best Supporting Actor for Djimon Hounsou.


Starring Paddy Considine (Peaky Blinders, Dead Man’s Shoes), Samantha Morton (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them), Sarah and Emma Bolger.


Irish Film Week: The Commitments CANCELLED

Friday 27th March at 7.30pm

The Commitments is a 1991 musical comedy drama directed by Alan Parker (Pink Floyd- The Wall, Angel Heart, Angela’s Ashes). Set in the Northside of Dublin, the film tells the story of Jimmy Rabbitte (Robert Arkins), a young music fanatic who assembles a group of working-class youths to form a soul band named The Commitments. The film won a BAFTA for Best Adapted Screenplay and was nominated for a Golden Globes Award for Best Picture.


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