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Kino-Teatr will be closed for the whole of August apart from The Bavard Bar on Wednesday August 17th. Reopening Thursday September 1st.


Simon&thePope - 'Avant Bavard'

Free Live Music in the Gallery

Simon&thePope will play some of their trademark hypnotic drum, bass and spoken word grooves, accompanied by special guests, to help while away that anticipatory hour before The Bavard Bar.

Free Event

Wednesday August 17th at 6.30pm

Free Event


The Bavard Bar  

The Bavard Bar. "A delightful blend of TED, comedy and Radio 4. Sort of."

Three passionate speakers. Three distinct passions. From meteorites to crop circles, circuit-bending to the James Bond theme on Kazoo, you never know what you're going to hear as passions are kept secret until the night.

Interspersed with nonsense including the KP Lite, Oojah Kappivvy and Bohemia Road, plus brand new feature 'Make it Stop’. With music from Piano Man Dan playing songs themed around the night's passions, bav-artistry from Maria O’Neill, and all hosted by MC Tim B'vard.

The Bavard Bar. "Avoiding life’s questions to give you the answers."

Wednesday August 17th at 7.30pm

Tickets £12

2412- Good Luck to you, Leo Grande - Photo Nick Wall.jpg

Good Luck to You, Leo Grande 
UK 2022, 15, 97 mins, drama, sex comedy

A 2022 British sex comedy-drama directed by Sophie Hyde and written by Katy Brand. The film stars Emma Thompson and Daryl McCormack.

‘A tart and tender probe into sex and intimacy, power dynamics and human connection. Thompson is terrifically agile with the script’s zingers and revelations. A relative newcomer, McCormack moves between wit, compassion and vulnerability with grace’ The New York Times

’For all its low-key intimacy and emotional realism, this movie knows it's selling a fantasy of its own. But it's hard not to warm to that fantasy, or to embrace its still-rare vision of a woman learning to articulate and satisfy her most human impulses’ Los Angeles Times

Thursday September 1st at 7.30pm & Friday September 2nd at 3pm & 7.30pm

Tickets £12/ £10 Concessions/ £8 Under 16s


The Railway Children Return 
UK 2020, PG, 95 mins, family adventure

Being a sequel to the 1970 film The Railway Children, itself based on the E. Nesbit novel of the same name, The Railway Children Return stars Jenny Agutter, Sheridan Smith, Tom Courtenay and John Bradley.

‘This is a film with a touch more savvy about the real world than its 1970 forebear…  ingenious tribute to the innocent, good-natured spirit of the original’ The Guardian

Saturday September 3rd at 3pm & 7.30pm 

Tickets £12/ £10 Concessions/ £8 Under 16s


The Gold Machine

UK 2022, 93 mins, documentary, road movie

+ Q&A with Iain Sinclair & Grant Gee 

The Gold Machine

Written by  Iain Sinclair and Grant Gee, directed by Grant Gee, produced by  Janine Marmot.

A creative collaboration with Ashéninka producer Gregorio Santos Perez and British writer Iain Sinclair.

Accompanied by his daughter Farne and  British film maker Grant Gee and a local  translator,  Sinclair's  aim was to  reconstruct his great-grandfather Arthur’s  journey through Peru in the heyday of Victorian exploration. In 1891 Arthur Sinclair, a Scottish botanist  went to Peru to survey its vast  land with a view to turning it over for coffee cultivation.


Ian Sinclair's own journey resulted in a range of artistic responses including a documentary and book with the same name. 

Their journeys flip between continents and centuries as the narrative is wrested by the Asheninka people, to produce an original mediation — part documentary, part fiction — on fate, family and the search for Eldorado.

Sunday September 4th at 2pm

Tickets £12/ £10 Concessions


'Sound Bath' Session with Julia Scott-Russell

Join Crystal Sound Therapy practitioner Julia Scott-Russell in discovering the benefits of crystal sound for your health and wellbeing. Experience the calming sounds of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. Sit or lie back on chair or mat with a blanket, whilst Julia gently eases you into experiencing a ‘sound bath’.


Starting with a few minutes of guided focus, Julia will help you to ‘just be’ without the need to ‘do’ anything. The remainder of Julia’s ‘Halcyon Sounds’ experience will be filled with different tonal frequencies from some of Julia’s personal collection of Alchemy bowls. We want you to have the best possible experience, please do bring a blanket to feel warm and snug. There are a limited number of yoga mats and pillows available, so feel free to bring your own. 

Please note - by attending this event you automatically agree to the medical disclaimer: you do not have/never had epilepsy at any point in your life, you do not have an artificial pacemaker or cochlear implant(s) or are less than 12 weeks pregnant.  

Also to note, the sound vibrations may be felt more in replacement joint(s), metal plate(s) or metal implant(s) - you are welcome to discuss this with Julia Scott-Russell, but ultimately it is your decision as to whether you attend.

Wednesday September 7th at 4.30pm

Tickets £14


France 2022, 15, 115 mins, drama, romance

Having just finished working on the Statue of Liberty, engineer Gustave Eiffel is at the peak of his career. However, everything changes when he crosses paths with a mysterious woman from his past and their forbidden relationship inspires him to change the Paris skyline forever. Starring BAFTA nominee Emma Mackey and Roman Duris.

‘Gustave Eiffel, who gave France its famous tower, has long been portrayed as a man of nuts and bolts, a brilliant structural engineer and the architect of iron. A new film  paints a rather different, softer picture of Eiffel as a hopeless romantic whose eponymous monument was as much a landmark to love as a triumph of engineering’ The Guardian

‘Ambitious, handsomely appointed and unapologetically old-fashioned’ Screen International 

Wednesday September 7th at 7.30pm & Friday September 9th at 3pm & 7.30pm.

Tickets £12/ £10 Concessions / £8 Under 16s

NTL 2022 Much Ado About Nothing - Listing Image Landscape 1240x874px.jpg

NT Live: Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare

Directed by Simon Godwin


Katherine Parkinson (The IT Crowd) and John Heffernan (Dracula) lead the cast in Shakespeare’s romcom of sun, sea and mistaken identity.  


The legendary family-run Hotel Messina on the Italian Riveria has been visited by artists, celebrities and royalty. But when the owner’s daughter weds a dashing young soldier, not all guests are in the mood for love. A string of scandalous deceptions soon surround not only the young couple, but also the adamantly single Beatrice and Benedick.


Following the award-winning success of National Theatre Live’s Romeo & Juliet, Twelfth Night and Antony and Cleopatra, director Simon Godwin returns with this irresistible comedy, broadcast live from the National Theatre stage.

Thursday September 8th at 7pm

Tickets £18/ £16 Concessions 


US 1971, 12, 90 mins, action, thriller
(with an original live soundtrack from Non-Blank) 

Duel is a 1971 American action-thriller directed by Steven Spielberg centering on a business commuter, played by Dennis Weaver, driving his car through California to meet a client. However, he finds himself chased and terrorized by the mostly-unseen driver of a tractor-trailer. The screenplay is by Richard Matheson adapted from his own short story of the same name.


Non-Blank (Ollie Cherer, Jack Hayter, Riz Maslen & Darren Morris) are a group of multi-instrumentalists, all operating independently and as an improvising whole. Their musical pedigree includes work with DLWP, Coastal Currents, Steve Mason, Candy Staton, Neotropic, Hefner, David Holmes, ENO, Ashley Beadle, RA, and a lengthening list of others. 

Saturday September 10th at 7.30pm

Tickets £14

Afrit-Kino-June-2021 copy.jpg

Afrit Nebula + Anthony Moore + Duncan Reekie + Oliver Cherer + Simon&thePope

Eclectic musical treat headlined by Afrit Nebula, a band whose adventurous, original music, influenced by avant-jazz, rock, Middle Eastern and Afro-Cuban styles is superbly showcased on recently released album 'Inalienable'.

Anthony Moore was a founding member of Slapp Happy, worked with Henry Cow and has made a number of solo albums, including cult classic 'Flying Doesn't Help' which has just been re-issued.

Duncan Reekie is a film maker/curator & video/performance artist and founder of legendary long running underground cinema collective Exploding Cinema.

Oliver Cherer aka Gilroy Mere, Dollboy, Australian Testing Labs, etc is a prolific artist whose material ranges from kraut/electronica to acoustic/pastoral and all points in between.

Simon&thePope perform hypnotic drum, bass and spoken word mantra grooves with ever changing musical textures provided by a floating cast of accompanists.

Thursday September 15th at 7.30pm

Tickets £14


Hastings Book Festival

So Potent Art - The Magic of Shakespeare with Emily Carding 

Shakespeare's plays and sonnets are steeped in magic and esoteric lore. ‘So Potent Art’ explores astrology and philosophy in addition to herbalism, ghosts, and divine intervention, as actor, writer and artist Emily Carding considers the magic that underpins so much of the Bard’s writing.  Carding, who specialises in staging Shakespeare, also shows how the sacred architecture of the historical theatre space enhances Shakespeare's magical themes.

Friday September 16th at 5pm

Tickets £10/ £7.50 Concessions 

Haynes and Garabette.png

Hastings Book Festival

How Literature Can Help Your Mental Health

Could Proust work as a Prozac? Should literature be prescribed? When Jane Haynes and Jonathan Garabette met they started to talk about their shared interests – mental health and literature and agreed that for the two of them, the two are inextricably linked. Join them for an exploration of the link between psychoanalysis and literature and how literature can help our mental health. A session for anyone who either works in mental health or wants to improve their mental health. The event can be included as part of your CPD portfolio and certificates will be available on the day.

Saturday September 17th at 2pm

Tickets £15/ £7.50 Concessions 

three poets2.png

Hastings Book Festival

Three Poets - John McCullough, Jess Mookherjee, Freddie Lewis

We are delighted to welcome back Hastings Bookfest favourite, Jess Mookherjee for an evening of poetry readings, lively conversation and music. This year Jess is joined by fellow poet John McCullough and poet/musician Freddie Lewis for what promises to be both a fun and thought-provoking occasion.

Saturday September 17th at 7pm

Tickets £15/ £7.50 Concessions 

a joy for ever Bird and Sims.png

Hastings Book Festival

"A Joy Forever": a walk out with John Keats by Julia Bird & Mike Sims

“A Joy Forever” - encounters with Keats and Wordsworth developed by poets and friends Julia Bird and Mike Sims.


A missed meeting between Keats and Wordsworth is the starting point for an afternoon of lively chat about the gatherings, get-togethers and chance encounters that kept the Romantics' circle spinning. Expect reading and conversation, old and new poems, games and giveaways ... and a tip of the hat to the mysterious older woman the poet met in St Leonards.

Sunday September 18th at 2pm

Tickets £10/ £7.50 Concessions 

Anita Kelsey Claws.png

Hastings Book Festival

Anita Kelsey: The Cat Whisperer

Calling all cat owners and cat lovers! The hugely experienced and knowledgeable cat behaviourist and author, Anita Kelsey, is bringing her understanding of all things feline to this year’s Book Festival. With a first class degree in cat psychology, Anita is highly respected in the Veterinary world, but it’s a far cry from her previous life as a MOBO award winning singer songwriter. She’ll be talking about her life and sharing her insights into feline behaviour. The show will end with a Q and A session.

Sunday September 18th at 4pm

Tickets £12.50/ £7.50 Concessions 

Jack Parlett.png

Hastings Book Festival

An American Paradise

Jack Parlett in conversation with Michael O'Rourke discuss Jack's book  about Fire Island, a slim strip of land off the coast of New York, and a place of hedonism, reinvention, liberation. Arriving on the island after a break-up back home in England, scholar and poet Jack Parlett was beguiled by what he found. Here were the dazzling beaches where couples had fallen in and out of love, free for a sun-kissed moment to be themselves in the time before gay liberation.


Tracing Fire Island’s rich history, Parlett leads the reader from the early days of the island’s life into a present where a host of new challenges threaten the island’s future.


Jack will be in conversation with Michael O’Rourke.

Monday September 19th at 5pm

Tickets £10/ £7.50 Concessions 

Natalie Haynes.png

Hastings Book Festival

Natalie Haynes: Stone Blind

Natalie Haynes takes you on a fast-paced tour through the history of Medusa, explaining who she was and why we still see her all around us today.


Medusa is one of the most recognisable figures in Greek Myth: her face has stared out at us for millennia, from Agamemnon’s shield in the Iliad to Versace’s logo now. Gorgons and gorgon heads were an enormously popular feature on ancient statues and temples. So was Medusa always the terrifying monster we have made her? The author of Stone Blind, Natalie Haynes shows you how to survive contact with someone who can turn you to stone with a glance.

Monday September 19th at 7pm

Tickets £15/ £7.50 Concessions 

Cole Moreton.jpg

Hastings Book Festival

Can we talk? With Cole Moreton

Join journalist, broadcaster and author Cole Moreton as he shares some remarkable stories.

Cole has been shortlisted as Interviewer of the Year at the Press Awards five times, in both the popular and broadsheet categories, winning in 2016.  Come along to hear him share some key moments from his encounters with remarkable people including Scarlett Johansson, Tiger Woods, Nelson Mandela, the Queen and a refugee called Zahra who came across the Channel on an overloaded rubber boat.

Cole says “I’m curious. That’s why I go around asking a lot of questions, watching the responses and listening to the answers from people who are rich or powerful, famous or infamous or who have remarkable stories to tell.” The session will include a Q&A and a book signing.

Wednesday September 21st at 3pm

Tickets £10/ £7.50 Concessions 

Simon Mawer.jpg

Hastings Book Festival

Ancestry. Simon Mawer in conversation with Cole Moreton

The past is another country and we are all its exiles. Banished forever, we look back in fascination and wonder at this mysterious land. Who were the people who populated it?


Simon Mawer’s compelling and original novel puts flesh on our ancestors’ bones to bring them to life and give them voice. He has created stories that are gripping and heart-breaking, from the squalor and vitality of Dickensian London to the excitement of seafaring in the last days of sail and the horror of the trenches of the Crimea. There is birth and death; there is love, both open and legal but also hidden and illicit. Yet the thread that connects these disparate figures is something that they cannot have known – the unbreakable bond of family. 


Simon will be in conversation with journalist, novelist and broadcaster Cole Moreton.

Wednesday September 21st at 5pm

Tickets £10/ £7.50 Concessions 


Hastings Book Festival

The Secret World of Weather - with Tristan Gooley

No need to watch the forecast! Each day we pass dozens of signs that reveal not only what the weather is doing around us, but also what is about to happen. Join bestselling author Tristan Gooley, as he explains how to read the clues in every cloud, breeze, hill, street, plant, animal, and dewdrop.


Learn rare skills that will enhance every minute you spend outdoors, whether you are out in the country, in the town, or, as this is Hastings, on the beach.

Thursday September 22nd at 5pm

Tickets £10/ £7.50 Concessions 

Alison Weir.jpg

Hastings Book Festival

Alison Weir: Elizabeth of York - The Last White Rose

Best-selling author, Alison Weir, joins us to relate the astonishing story of Elizabeth of York - the oldest daughter of King Edward IV of England and his wife, Elizabeth Woodville. Alison’s talk will bring to life the extraordinary and tumultuous story of Elizabeth of York - the sister of the ‘Princes in the Tower’ who went on to marry Henry VII and was mother to Henry VIII.


This event will end with a Q and A session and a book signing.

Thursday September 22nd at 7pm

Tickets £12.50 / £7.50 Concessions 


ROH/Royal Ballet Live Cinema Season 2022/23

The Royal Opera: Madama Butterfly  

Conductor:  Nicola Luisotti


Cast:  Maria Agresta (Cio-Cio-San), Joshua Guerrero (Lieutenant B.F. Pinkerton), Carlos Álvarez (Sharpless), Christine Rice (Suzuki), Carlo Bosi (Goro) 

With a score that includes Butterfly’s aria, ‘Un bel di, vedremo’ (‘One fine day’) and Humming Chorus, Giacoma Puccini’s opera is entrancing and ultimately heart-breaking

Running time: 3 hours and 10 minutes (including one interval)

Tuesday September 27th at 7.15pm

Tickets £20/ £18 Concessions 


Hastings Early Music Festival

Open House Music: Baroque Music Reimagined 

Hastings Early Music Festival brings international performers to Hastings for concerts at St Mary in the Castle and Kino-Teatr, exploring some of today’s best loved music through innovative and dynamic programming. This year’s Festival opens at Kino Teatr with Open House Music. Early booking recommended. 

Open House Music: Baroque Music Reimagined


Borne out of a desire to expand the boundaries of classical performance and express their musicianship in new adventurous ways.


Rachel Chaplin - oboe

Jane Gordon - violin/HEMF artistic director

Robert De Bree - oboe/recorder

Jan Zahourek - double bass


As leading musicians in the early music scene, Open House Music was formed to expand the boundaries of performance and reinvigorate traditional practices of improvisation, extemporisation, arrangement, transcription and composition. They present a programme of reimagined baroque music, including music by Bach, Scarlatti and Purcell, interwoven with their own contemporary inventions.


Individually they have performed at major festivals and concert halls throughout Europe, Asia and America and are regularly heard on BBC Radio 3, at Glyndebourne, the Royal Opera House, Wigmore Hall and BBC Proms.


This concert is kindly supported by the GEMMA Classical Music Trust.

Thursday September 29th at 7.30pm : Concert + Artists in Conversation

Tickets £18/ £16 Concessions


Hastings Early Music Festival

Tuffnell Trio 

Hastings Early Music Festival brings international performers to Hastings for concerts at St Mary in the Castle and Kino-Teatr, exploring some of today’s best loved music through innovative and dynamic programming. Artistic director, violinist Jane Gordon.


Tuffnell Trio: Young Artist Platform

Recent prizewinners from the Royal Academy of Music.    


All the musicians are graduates from prestigious conservatoires in Europe. They continued their postgraduate studies in London at the Royal Academy of Music where they formed the Tuffnell Trio. They are currently working with leading figures in the early music scene performing at the major London venues including the Wigmore Hall,  the Barbican and Cadogan Hall.



Yaoré Talibart - violin

Thomas Kettle - viola

Nathan Giorgetti - cello



Bach Inventions (arr. for string trio by T. Kettle)

Beethoven String Trio No.1 in E flat Op.3

Sunday October 2nd at 12.00 midday: Concert + Artists in Conversation Tickets £14/ £12 Concessions


ROH/Royal Ballet Live Cinema Season 2022/23

Royal Ballet: Mayerling

Dangerous desires, family secrets and political intrigues twist through every moment of daring choreography in Kenneth MacMillan's ballet inspired by true events.

Wednesday October 5th at 7.15pm

Tickets £20/ £18 Concessions 

NTL 2022 Jack Absolute Flies Again Landscape - 1240x874px.jpg

NT Live: Jack Absolute Flies Again

Jack Absolute Flies Again by Richard Bean and Oliver Chris

Based on Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s The Rivals


A rollicking new comedy by Richard Bean (One Man, Two Guvnors) and Oliver Chris (Twelfth Night).


After an aerial dog fight, Pilot Officer Jack Absolute flies home to win the heart of his old flame, Lydia Languish. Back on British soil, Jack’s advances soon turn to anarchy when the young heiress demands to be loved on her own, very particular, terms.


Emily Burns directs this spectacularly entertaining new version of Sheridan’s The Rivals. Featuring a cast including Caroline Quentin, Laurie Davidson, Natalie Simpson and Kelvin Fletcher.


‘One of the funniest productions in the National’s history’  - Guardian on One Man, Two Guvnors

Thursday October 6th at 7pm

Tickets £18/ £16 Concessions 


ROH/Royal Ballet Live Cinema Season 2022/23

The Royal Opera: Aida

Conductor: Antonio Pappano

Cast: Elena Stikhina (Aida), Francesco Meli (Radames), Agnieszka Rehlis (Amneris), Ludovic Tézier (Amonasro), Soloman Howard (Ramfis), In Sung Sim (King of Egypt) 

In this new production, director Robert Carsen situates Verdi’s large-scale political drama within a contemporary world, framing its power struggles and toxic jealousies in the apparatus of a modern, totalitarian state.

Wednesday October 12th at 6.45pm

Tickets £20/ £18 Concessions 


Tiny Magnetic Pets + Tin Gun

Tiny Magnetic Pets are an Irish 3-piece New Wave Synth band who have collaborated with Wolfgang Flur, supported Michael Rother & The Killers’ Dave Keuning. They have toured extensively with Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark –  UK & German tours, and have recently toured with Midge Ure on his European tour as well as 2 successful headline tours of their own in the UK.

The band have just recently released their album Blue Wave. Vince Clarke has remixed their forthcoming new single Automation as well as Nick Reach-Up and this is available now to order.

 ‘It’s The Velvet Underground meets Laurie Anderson but it all leads back to Kraftwerk’ Boy George 

‘I love the whole album but there were tracks that blew me away – so beautifully crafted, so emotional,  such clever writing with perfect emotion so we offered them the whole UK tour…’ Andy McCluskey (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark)

‘Paula Gilmer’s voice reminds me of a young Debbie Harry. Wonderful music’ Wolfgang Flur (ex-Kraftwerk)

Thursday October 13th at 7.30pm

Tickets £15


ROH/Royal Ballet Live Cinema Season 2022/23

The Royal Opera: La bohème 

Conductor: Kevin John Edusei

Cast: Ailyn Pérez (Mimi), Juan Diego Flórez (Rodolfo), Andrey Zhilikhovsky (Marcello), Danielle de Niese (Musetta), Ross Ramgobin (Schaunard), Michael Mofidian (Coline) 

Richard Jones’s recent production perfectly captures the vulnerability of youth amid the harshness and glamour of a big city. Atmospheric designs by Stewart Laing evoke both the poverty of the bohemians’ attic home and the splendour of Paris’s shopping arcades on Christmas Eve.

Thursday October 20th at 7.15pm

Tickets £20/ £18 Concessions

Side of face by church Forgetful Heart 22 (1) copy.jpg

Barb Jungr: Dylan & Cohen & Love - Forgetful Heart

Musician, writer, composer and lyricist Barb Jungr has been critically lauded for her insightful and passionate interpretive style, described as 'revelatory' by the New York Times. Her deconstruction/reconstruction of popular songs and unusual and beautiful musical arrangements are characteristics that allow the listener new insights into familiar music. In recent years, Jungr has brought her singular talents to the songbooks of Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Nina Simone, Jacques Brel, and more, creating the genre of the New American Songbook.


'Brings the same creativity for reinterpretation and re-examination that Ella Fitzgerald brought to Cole Porter' Wall Street Journal


With Forgetful Heart, Barb continues her love affair with the work of two of the most important songwriters of the 20th Century. Through the lockdown, she thought about love, and in particular the love songs of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, from their earliest explorations to their most recent recordings.

Working with her longstanding collaborator Jenny Carr, Barb will include Forgetful Heart, What Happens To The Heart, If You Gotta Go, Go Now, I’ve Made Up My Mind To Give Myself To You and So Long Marianne, among more treasures.


'Barb Jungr interprets [Dylan and Cohen’s] work with a ferocity and truthfulness  that demolishes every cover version you’ve ever heard' – New York Times

Saturday October 22nd at 7.30pm

Tickets £20

MSJ_1988 copy.jpg

Josephine Davies Jazz Orchestra

Award winning saxophonist and composer Josephine Davies brings her 17 piece jazz orchestra to the Kino-Teatr for the first time. She has been writing for large ensembles for the past 15 years, beginning during her residency as tenor saxophonist in the London Jazz Orchestra. This was an opportunity for her to experiment with ideas and sounds, and eventually begin her own big band. Deeply inspired by a range of composers from Vince Mendoza to Stravinsky to Rufus Wainwright, Josephine’s writing focuses on flowing melodies, rich harmonies and creative use of instrumental textures. 

Tonight’s concert features her new suite ‘Ascension’, a series of 8 pieces representing the 8 parts of the Celtic Wheel of the Year, bringing a much needed celebration of nature, connection, and renewal to our fragmented times.

“Definitely a band to watch” ★★★★1/2 (Downbeat Magazine)

Trumpets: Robbie Robson, Tom Walsh, Nick Smart, Miguel Gorodi
Saxophones: Jason Yarde, Rachel Cohen, Tamar Osborn, George Crowley
Trombones: Olli Martin, Sarah Williams
Horn: Anna Drysdale
Piano: Robert Mitchell
Bass: Dave Whitford
Drums: Shane Forbes
Special Guest: Liane Carroll

Saturday October 29th at 7.30pm

Tickets £15

NTL 2022 - The Seagull - ListingsImage_Landscape_1240x874).jpg

NT Live: The Seagull

The Seagull by Anton Chekhov, in a version by Anya Reiss, directed by Jamie Lloyd.


Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) makes her West End debut in this 21st century retelling of Anton Chekhov’s tale of love and loneliness. A young woman is desperate for fame and a way out. A young man is pining after the woman of his dreams. A successful writer longs for a sense of achievement. An actress wants to fight the changing of the times. In an isolated home in the countryside, dreams lie in tatters, hopes are dashed, and hearts broken. With nowhere left to turn, the only option is to turn on each other.


Following his critically acclaimed five-star production of Cyrano de Bergerac, Jamie Lloyd brings Anya Reiss’ adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s classic play to stage. Filmed live in London’s West End with a cast including Tom Rhys Harries (White Lines), Daniel Monks (The Normal Heart), Sophie Wu (Fresh Meat) and Indira Varma (Game of Thrones).

Thursday November 3rd at 7pm

Tickets £18/ £16 Concessions


Live Flamenco: Alvaro Guarnido

Born in Granada, Alvaro was 3 years old when his mother took him along to the dance studio and from that moment on flamenco became his way of life.

Alvaro studied flamenco with such remarkable teachers as Silvia Lozano, Mayte Galan and Cristobal Reyes. He has won the national Spanish Sevillanas competition for four consecutive years from 1999 until 2002 and was the first finalist of the Andalucian TV competition Veo Veo.

During the last 15 years, this outstanding flamenco dancer has performed in renowned Spanish theatres: Manuel de Falla, Isabel la Católica, Tablao Flamenco de la Chumbera and also performed in the UK. He lives in Malaga.

‘I live for dancing' - says Alvaro Guarnido

Saturday November 12th at 7.30pm

Tickets £24/ £22 Concessions

simon day tour image.tif

Simon Day and Friends

Character comic Simon Day (BBC’s The Fast Show, The Simon Day Show, Brian Pern and King Gary) performs some of his much loved Fast Show characters including Billy Bleach, Dave Angel Eco Warrior and Tony Beckton. 


A night of hilarious comedy.

Saturday November 19th at 7.30pm

Tickets £20